Alopecia Treatment in Cambridge

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For many ladies within the UK, the most trouble we’ll have with our hair is what style to have it in or what colour to have it. However there are a small number of people within the UK – roughly two in every 1000 – which will suffer from alopecia. Here at Diane Hair International we appreciate how difficult it can be going through any form of hair loss, especially when it’s as the result of alopecia Cambridge. This is why we’ve put together this brief guide into the treatments available.

Before considering any treatment, it’s important to understand what alopecia is.

What is Alopecia?

There are various forms of alopecia, and despite the myth, it affects various hairy areas of the body; although the most common form is baldness/hair loss of the scalp. Unfortunately, many sufferers of alopecia will be caused discomfort by the appearance, because instead of becoming completely bald, the hair loss regularly occurs in patches, making it difficult to consider a form of treatment.

What Treatments are Available?

Although alopecia can treat itself over time, there are some forms of treatment which may help speed the process up – these include steroid creams, injections and electrotherapy. However, here at Diane Hair International, we have another form of treatment – hair pieces/wigs.

Our team will discuss with you, in a sympathetic manner, your preferences between a hair piece and wig. Once we know which option you’d prefer, we’ll work with you to find a secure and naturally appearing hair solution, to help you feel comfortable as you step outside.

Here at Diane Hair International, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect hair solution for any situation. So if you’d like more information about how our wigs and hair pieces can help you cover the signs of alopecia Cambridge then please feel free to contact us via 01223 311112 or by contacting us through our online enquiry form.

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