Hair Loss Replacement in Cambridge

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Appearance in today’s culture is very important, so when you experience premature hair loss it can be a struggle to adapt to the change in your personal image. Hair loss is an unfortunate side effect for chemotherapy patients and alopecia sufferers as well as being a natural occurrence which can happen at any age. At Diane Hair International we can offer support to those experiencing hair loss Cambridge by offering various treatments.

For those that experience the effects of thinning hair, patches of hair loss or complete baldness, there is help available. Diane Hair International has an assortment of services available which have been designed to help you feel more confident in how you feel and look, without having to resort to cosmetic surgery.

We have a selection of treatments available at our leading trichologist clinic which is open five days a week. A consultation will take place to determine the most effective form of treatment for you.


Wigs are a popular choice for those who suffer from baldness (whether complete or in patches), and we have responded to the demand with a comprehensive range. You will have the opportunity to choose from a selection of varying styles, colours and sizes when choosing a wig, as we at Diane Hair International appreciate that your hair is incredibly personal, as it acts is a reflection of your personality and individual style.

Hair Pieces

Generally speaking, hair pieces are for those who suffer from thinning hair and bald patches rather than complete baldness. They make your hair fuller and give you the opportunity to try a range of different hairstyles. We will match a hair piece to your hair colouring, so that the piece is unnoticeable to anyone but you.

If you are affected by hair loss Cambridge then you should consider consulting with the team at Diane Hair International. We aim to alleviate any anxieties you may be feeling about your personal image by offering effective solutions. If you would like to contact us and discuss the various services available, phone us on 01223 311 112.

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